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Published on October 6, 2020



The History Behind The Village’s Favorite Watering Hole: Joe’s Coffee

Joe’s coffee shop is a local favorite located in the heart of the Village. ATLiens flock here to cure their caffeine fix, grab a local baked good, and see a friendly face. But few of us know the history behind the watering hole. 

You may be surprised to learn that the coffee shop isn’t named after the owners. It actually comes from the slang term for coffee. The first coffee shop that occupied the space in 1995 was called Sacred Grounds. In 2002, the coffee shop came under new ownership and was renamed as Joe’s. For more than twenty years, Dawn Porras has been commuting to work at the coffee shop and in 2007, alongside her husband Al, they took over ownership. Dawn has a business degree and specialized in the hospitality industry and had been in management positions previously. Al has extensive industry experience as well. 

They live a few blocks away from the coffee shop and enjoy being a local hub for the community. Dawn wants Joe’s to be a safe space for everyone and loves the creative vibe it offers its customers. In fact, many books have been written inside the shop.

The historic building Joe’s occupies is said to once have been a feed store next to the local bank. The original iron bar windows for the bank can still be seen from the inside of Joe’s.  

When asked what the future looks like Dawn responded, “My hope is for Joe’s to continue to be a safe place for all and to continue to serve the community well. There will definitely be some more long-term changes due to COVID but, thankfully, we will weather this storm”. While the coffee shop is currently take-out only, we all look forward to the day when it is safe to walk in and share a cup of joe with friends.

Joe’s is currently open Monday through Thursday from 7AM to 2PM and on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 7AM to 5PM.


No Matter What, You Gotta Strut

Llamas, dragons, roosters, and peacocks – oh my! The 22nd annual East Atlanta Strut looked a little different than last year, but it reminded us all of why we love this neighborhood and it gave us all something to smile about.

Michelle Rice, President of the East Atlanta Strut, explained, “instead of packing 10,000 people into East Atlanta Village, we’ve come up with a way for the neighborhood to celebrate from their front yards. The Strut organization becomes the matchmaker and promoter, helping neighbors and businesses come up with safe ways to celebrate East Atlanta”. 

The Village strutted their stuff and showed off its creative, musical, and artistic talents. Folks opened up their lawns to fellow neighbors for games, concerts, and shops showcasing their art. The Strut wouldn’t be complete without the fan-favorite, Llama Poop Bingo Contest, with llamas brought in from Wit’s End Llama Consortium. 

To comply with the safety guidelines, several bands brought the music to the people by hopping on trailers, boats, and buses to perform while they were escorted through the neighborhood as part of the mobile entertainment. The Strut also featured a competitive Leaf Blower Tournament where contestants raced to leaf blow an object past obstacles and across the finish line. Matt Weis was crowned champion of this year’s leaf blower finals. Who will win next year? It’s not too early to start training.

On Facebook the East Atlanta Strut team said, “Thank you so much for taking this weird concept and strutting with it. Some people thought this was a dumb idea, but even now, fun is important. Art is important. Music is important. Human interaction is important. Y’all proved we can put all those together safely. I saw masked folks standing far apart all over the neighborhood celebrating this place we’ve chosen to call home. You made it happen”. We’ll see you next year!


Beltline Southside Trail Update

While many of us are looking for any reason to get out of the house, the trails inside the perimeter continue to grow and provide hope for Atlanta’s recreation and transportation options. Across the region, the PATH organization currently has nine trail projects set to begin construction on schedule within the next six months and several currently underway.

Construction work in East Atlanta began earlier last month along Bill Kennedy Way SE when planters and parking spaces were removed. The expanded bike lanes will provide Beltline users a safer traveling experience towards the unfinished Southside Trail. 

On Friday, July 10, the United Avenue Bridge on the Southside trail went under emergency demolition due to structural damage including a crack in one of the support beams and several others bending. This damage is likely due to large trucks exceeding height restrictions and striking the underside of the bridge. The Atlanta Beltline, Inc is currently looking into temporary bridge options to connect the Southside trail and expects to have a permanent replacement by early 2021. In a recent interview, the BeltLine CEO Clyde Higgs said, “Removing [the bridge] was the way to go. It was in the timeline anyhow. It was one of the fastest moving projects in BeltLine history, getting that removed”.

Be sure to take advantage of the BeltLine this fall by enjoying the fresh air and changing leaves.



Giving back is in our roots! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve partnered with the East Atlanta Kids Club to provide food for Atlanta families in need. For each house transaction we close in East Atlanta, we will be donating $500 to the East Atlanta Kids Club to help them extend their reach and feed even more families!

We had the opportunity to chat with Ryan Downey, Executive Director at East Atlanta Kids Club, and he shared with us that each and every week, they are working to build as many food boxes as possible for families in need. The team relies solely on volunteers to help them pack, so if you’re willing and available to get involved in our community, reach out to the team to see how you can help! 404.627.8050

Special thanks go to all of our clients in the area who have helped up contribute! This year we have helped supply an additional 1,900 lbs of food for hungry families… and you can help us reach even more people! Our goal is to donate 10,000 lbs of food by the end of the year! Know anyone looking to buy or sell in East Atlanta? Send them our way so we can give back even more.


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