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Published on May 26, 2021



Atlanta homes are up 9.1% on average since this time last year

In April 2021, Atlanta home prices were up 9.1% compared to last year, selling for a median price of $382K. In East Atlanta Village, specifically, the median sales price was $462K, and homes sold for 3.5% over the list price.

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Kaboodle Home: Twenty-Four Years and Counting

It’s no wonder Curbed Atlanta voted Kaboodle Home one of the best design and furniture stores in Atlanta. We all love perusing around the shop and can admit that it’s hard to leave empty-handed. The locally-owned vintage furniture, art, and decor shop in the Village is well known for its upcycled fan tables and lockers, amazing gallery of local art, and awesome prices that keep customers coming back. What most people don’t know is that they opened their doors many years ago when East Atlanta had very few businesses. Michael Knight, the owner of Kaboodle Home, spoke with us and reminisced on his favorite parts of owning a business in EAV. 

“Twenty-four years, that’s how long we’ve been in business”, Michael told us. He shared with us that his store has several repeat customers and he always enjoys welcoming newcomers as well. These customers enjoy the customer service Kaboodle provides and the low prices. “We try to have the best prices in town. We’re honest, laid back, cool, and love what we do. We’re fortunate that we get to do this for a living.”, said Knight.

Anyone who’s ever walked inside knows that the walls are covered in colorful, talented, and local artist’s work. “We love showcasing all of the local artists and putting it on display. We’re artists ourselves and appreciate good art when we see it”, said Michael’s partner, Terrance. But it doesn’t stop at furniture and art. Their wide array of vintage clothes is a treasure trove of thrifted clothing and timeless pieces. 

When asked about their favorite part of the neighborhood, Michael instantly spoke about the community. Terrance told us, “The Village is great. It’s so diverse and filled with business owners all doing their own thing. It’s a big melting pot of rich, poor, punk, hipster, rock and roll people coming together and just coexisting. It’s really beautiful to be a part of it”.

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Lights, Camera, Action! “The Valet” Films in the Village

Have you noticed the movie set in the Village? Lionsgate has turned the vacant ice cream shop into a full movie set! New Girl, Riverdale, The Good Place, and Breaking Bad stars are coming together in Lionsgate’s remake of the hit French film The Valet

The film, written by Rob Greenberg and Bob Fisher, is a story of a movie star who is having a relationship with a married man. To cover her secret from getting out, she enlists a parking valet to pose as her lover. As a valet, the hard-working man tends to fly under the radar but this stunt with the movie star thrusts him into the spotlight. 

The movie is currently being filmed in Los Angeles, Atlanta, and in our very own East Atlanta Village. Neighbors may have noticed some temporary alterations to storefronts, murals, and any Atlanta references. Not to worry, none of this is permanent. They are also bringing in a large number of palm trees to give the village an LA feel. Lionsgate filmed for a week in May and will continue later in June. We’re so excited to see the movie out on the big screen! Check out the before and afters of the movie set below.


MA’s Hot Takes – New breakfast spot in the We Suki Suki food hall

Have you heard the buzz about the new food stall in We Suki Suki? MA’s Hot Takes opened in April and is the new fast-casual take-out spot that everyone has been raving about. We had the pleasure of speaking with Melissa Allen Foltz, owner and operator of MA’s Hot Takes and Foltz Catering & Events, to get the low down. 

Melissa is a seasoned chef with over 20 years of restaurant experience. During that time, she has worked and staged with many accomplished chefs. Most notably, she has worked under Shaun Doty at Table 1280 and Shaun’s, Alon’s Bakery, Guy Wong at Miso Izakaya, Hector Santiago at Pura Vida, and lastly she was the Corporate Executive Chef of Victory Brands (Paper Plane, Victory Sandwich Bar Decatur, Victory Sandwich Bar Inman Park, S.O.S. Tiki Bar, Little Trouble, & Lloyd’s) for 7 years ending in late 2019. She takes great pride in being a chef that makes almost everything from scratch and doesn’t compromise on quality. Her passion is rooted in making foods simply from scratch that are approachable while providing exceptional service to match.

Can you tell us a little about MA’s Hot Takes and the inspiration behind it?

I’ve been called MA or M.A. since high school, my initials were MA, but also working with Victory Brands I took on a mentoring role with a lot of my staff and they all called me MA. I’ve got a pretty sarcastic and sassy mouth and always have something to say about any situation. Anytime I start talking about something that I’m either passionate about or have strong feelings my friends say, “there she goes with her hot takes, someone turn on the neon!” I thought it would be fitting for a takeout name too, it just works.

MA’s has recently expanded the menu to now include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The new hours will be 8 am – 8 pm with the rollout of the new menu. There will be plenty of smoked meats and possibly some tacos.

What would you suggest to someone who’s stopping by for the first time?

I would suggest trying whatever they’re in the mood for. The quiche is served with a salad for a light breakfast, the chorizo burrito is good for a seriously tasty fill-up, and the baked french toast is good for those who like a little sweet treat in the morning. I make everything from scratch, including my chorizo seasoning and shortcrust pastry for the quiches. 

What is something you love about EAV?

I love that I finally got a spot in my neighborhood. This is the place that I live, play, and now work from. I just love our neighborhood and all of the great people here in this community that makes it so special. 

What is the best way for EAV to support you? 

Stop by! Our hours are 8 am – 8 pm Monday through Friday. I have a fine dining catering business as well, Foltz Catering & Events. People can check out my website and Instagram for more information. Foltzcatering.com



Anything else you want people to know about MA’s?

MA’s Hot Takes also joined Q Trinh, Owner of We Suki Suki, to partner on EATAVISION — where dinner is the movie! It’s a unique, curated movie and tasting menu experience in East Atlanta Village. Visit Eatavision.com for more information on upcoming events.

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