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Published on August 2, 2021



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 Meet Christie Bryant, Arborist and Owner of Speaking for the Trees

Did you know Atlanta is referred to as the “City in the Forest” due to the amount of trees that surround our iconic skyline? While we are blessed with our urban jungle, we need to make sure we are taking care of the trees around us too. We caught up with Christie Bryant, President of the Georgia Arborist Association and Founder of her company Speaking for the Trees, to learn more about her experience as an arborist. She answered the most popular questions new homeowners and prospective home buyers are asking – you won’t want to miss this! Watch our video interview below:


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EATAVISION – Where Dinner is the Movie!

Photo credit: Eatavision

Quynh “Q” Trinh, the founder of global grub collective We Suki Suki, says that she often found herself wanting to eat during movies centered around food and felt that she probably wasn’t the only one. After years of planning, Trinh’s dream is coming true. She’s bringing a dinner and movie experience to East Atlanta Village through EATAVISION, where people eat the food seen on-screen while watching the film. Every month, EATAVISION takes over the East Atlanta Village Farmers Market location on Stokeswood Avenue to bring East Atlanta Village a truly unique experience. The Atlanta culinary powerhouse designs a multi-course tasting menu based on the feature film, recreating some of the dishes or snacks from the screen. 

Photo credit: Eatavision

Each showing is capped at 100 people, spread across lawn chairs and picnic blankets watching the film projected onto a 20-foot outdoor screen. EATAVISION launched earlier this year in May and tickets for the “Ratatouille” experience sold out so quickly they added two more showtimes. The menu highlighted various moments throughout the film, from the infamous recreation of Remy’s ratatouille to an original dessert inspired by the food critic’s request for Remy to “surprise me.”

Trinh designs the menu to integrate as seamlessly as possible with the viewing experience. Instead of receiving the courses throughout the movie, people attending pick up a pizza box containing the full meal, with food placed into individual takeout dishes. The pizza box also contains a printed menu and the timestamp for each scene that guides the guest through the entire experience. During the movie, Trinh rings a dinner bell before each scene to remind the guests to prepare for the next course.

Trinh chooses films that resonate with her but also appeal to larger audiences. “Ratatouille” was the first film because it planted the seed for EATAVISION seven years ago. Trinh believes EATAVISION is her most personal food project yet; she chooses movies that have shaped her life and then shares them with the community in a very intimate way. 

Trinh is excited to see the concept evolve. She’s working on a takeout option for people to watch the movie from home. Later down the road, Trinh wants to collaborate with other Atlanta chefs, cooks, and restaurants for films with specialty or culturally specific dishes. As always, her goal is to adapt the menu and the experience to fit the film. 

EATAVISION gives Trinh another way to connect with people through eating and movies while expressing her creative side through cooking. 

Head to to check out the upcoming showtimes and to sign up for the newsletter so you’re the first to find out when tickets are released.


Sabbath Brewing Makes Its Grand Debut

Sabbath Brewing celebrated its long-awaited grand opening on Sunday, July 4th, 2021, and welcomed beer lovers patiently waiting for the establishment to open its doors. Jeffrey Oparnica, the owner of Sabbath Brewing, signed the lease for the building in May of 2018, and after that hurdles began popping up along his journey very quickly. There was a distance requirement from a tattoo shop, amending a zoning code and permitted use law, negotiating building use, and the government-mandated lockdown due to a global pandemic. Oparnica worked with his lawyer, the neighborhood association, and the local councilwoman to propose an exemption to the distance requirements for the Village. On April 20th of last year, history was made when City Council unanimously voted to allow microbreweries and microdistilleries in East Atlanta Village.  This paved the way for Hippin’ Hops Brewery to open right around the corner on Glenwood last fall.

Oparnica brings several years of experience to Sabbath after spending four years working at one of the state’s smallest beer makers, The Burnt Hickory Brewery in Kennesaw, and over a year at the country’s biggest craft brewery, SweetWater. Oparnica calls SweetWater the “university for Georgia breweries” due to the scale and a large number of people in the industry that worked there at one point during their career. He credits SweetWater for teaching him so much about the [beermaking] process and doing things right.

The heavy-metal-themed nanobrewery is one of the first breweries in Georgia that is on-premises only, with no distribution channels, selling everything across the bar on draft or in growlers. Oparnica isn’t opposed to distribution in the future and hopes to get the business ready for expansion one day. For now, he’s focusing on building the brand that a distributor would want to work with. 

Sabbath specializes in high-quality ales fermented in oak with the finest of ingredients. Without any flagship beers, the rotating lineup promises an interesting beer waiting for you during your next visit, and every visit afterward. Visitors can expect crowd-favorite hazy IPAs and stouts, as well as yeast forward, easy-drinking beers such as Saisons and Grisettes. One current brew, See You In Hell, is a 6.66% ABV Saison brewed with floor-malted Maris Otter, spelt, and aged whole cone hops. 

The playfully sacrilegious space is filled with church pews and the beer taps are old church organ pipes.  The vibe makes Sabbath feel right at home in the heart of the Village. “I want it to be a niche place where it’s exciting to come and try things here. Every time you come here, there’s going to be a new beer and a new experience”, said Oparnica. For merch, brewery hours, and more information on Sabbath Brewing, head to

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